Monday, August 6, 2007

Research to date

In the initial stages of my project, I have decided to only research about the subject matter through the reading of journals articles, books and other online reputable sources and discussions with experts in the field. This is to further my understanding of the areas of which my topic covers, more specifically requirements engineering and XML development fields. The following are the articles/chapters in books that I have read to date:
  • Research Directions in Requirements Engineering by Betty H.C. Cheng and Joanne M. Atlee
  • Towards a Requirements-driven Workbench for Supporting Software Certification and Accreditation by Seok-Won Lee, Robin A. Gandhi and Siddharth
  • Aspectual Support for Specifying Requirements in Software Product Lines by Harvey Siy, Prasanna Aryal, Victor Winter, Mansour Zand
  • Specification of Non-functional Requirements for Contract Specification in
    the NGOSS Framework for Quality Management and Product Evaluation by
    Xiaoqing (Frank) Liu, Manooch Azmoodeh, Nektarios Georgalas
  • Requirements development as a modeling activity by Sergey Diev
  • Modularisation and Composition of Aspectual Requirements by Awais Rashid, Anna Moreira, Joao Ara0jo
  • R. Pressman. Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s
    Approach. Mc-Graw Hill, New York, NY, fifth edition,
    2000. Chapter 29.

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